Data analytics

Due to globalisation, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and diverse, meaning that understanding the impact a single stakeholder can have becomes vital.

Suppliers' information

CONNECTED collects all crucial information about suppliers and the ways in which they are interconnected within the supply chain to help companies get a better understanding of their supply chains and mitigate potential risks.

Flow of materials

The traceability implemented by CONNECTED is a combination of downstream and upstream systems, the so-called PUSH AND PULL systems. The PUSH system allows the traceability of shipments flowing downstream (from higher tier to lower tier suppliers), while the PULL system allows the traceability of orders flowing upstream. For each transaction orders and shipments are linked together.

Some of the key advantages of the PUSH AND PULL traceability are a much faster supply chain mapping and the possibility to track the flow of materials and to see the progress of orders. Each company can see incoming orders, create outgoing orders, submit shipments and link orders and shipments. In addition to the traceability of materials, CONNECTED also captures compliance information about each supplier.
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