As a result of the constant growth of the world’s population, animal protein remains one of the main protein sources in people’s diets and knowing the source and quality of the feed used for meat production and whether that source complies with the current regulations.
CONNECTED is a supply chain traceability service that helps the industry trace and record the data regarding the feed ingredients. Transparency is a crucial aspect of feed safety, especially when the feed is intended for human consumption.

We can also carry out routine inspections to ensure compliance with any relevant legislation and industry standards. Our services include the inspection of warehouses and holds, monitoring of consignments, and sampling to ensure the feed is at the required standard at all stages. The need for feed inspection and monitoring in the feed industry is important as it ensures its quality, particularly when it comes to pest control.

Control Union provides inspection and certification services to the feed industry to help you meet the highest standards. This includes dry, liquid, bulk or bagged products. The largest feed safety certification program, GMP+ FSA, is based on ISO quality management requirements with the integration of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).
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