Customised solutions

Understanding your supply chain is becoming more and more important, with consumers’ demands to learn more about a product's origins and production methods increasing amid a tightening regulatory framework.

Data Validation

To ensure the quality of the information, our systems and teams are constantly performing data validations in the system, checking for inconsistent and misplaced data.

Risk Analysis

Supply chains may involve many parties, making the chain complex and unclear, and limited transparency throughout the supply chain can result in companies potentially trading and processing goods which carry social or environmental risks. It is also important to consider sustainability guidelines on responsible business conduct, as well as mandatory regulations. That is the reason why we have a sustainability expert team in place to support companies to achieve their real goals.


To make the users experience even better for these companies, the CONNECTED system can be integrated to the companies ERP system, under custom request, by our team of software developers. In this way, orders and shipments can be generated into the ERP system of the company and automatically integrated to the CONNECTED platform, where the supplier will receive the concerned request.
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