The textile industry has historically been associated with environmentally harmful processing, animal welfare issues and complex social issues such as child labour, workers’ wages, benefits, as well as health and safety.
Public awareness and the demand for traceability has increased in the past decades, and many global brands already have a dedicated fashion collection made from certified sustainable content derived from organic, recycled or sustainable material.

Control Union has played a decisive role in assisting the textile industry in meeting standard requirements. As an example, the EKO Sustainable Textile Standard, developed by Control Union, was the first standard for the textile industry that addressed sustainability. Control Union also played an active role in developing the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

Control Union, in partnership with H&M, has created CONNECTED to help the apparel industry meet its commitments to supply chain transparency and responsible sourcing. A unique supply chain traceability and data service, CONNECTED was designed for apparel industry supply chains that are complex, distributed over several tiers and countries.

CONNECTED provides companies with full visibility over their entire supply chains. It also collects a variety of data, helping them to assess the risks and their impact on communities and the environment. Initial trainings have already been rolled out within a select group of H&M’s viscose suppliers.

Engagement and support to suppliers along the chains is a key priority of this service. To make sure that everyone remains committed, dedicated support centres have been established in all producing regions. A local CONNECTED representative is always available to guide suppliers in using the system, to address technical issues or for general enquiries.
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